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indulge in the beauty of the landscape, and embrace the serenity of pure relaxation.

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The Planerhof is perched on a gentle hill on the outskirts of Villnöss and offers an idyllic retreat, surrounded by lush meadows and enchanting forests. The Planerhof serves as an ideal starting point for numerous activities. From leisurely walks and scenic bike tours to invigorating hikes to nearby alpine pastures and huts, as well as thrilling climbing excursions, the possibilities are endless. The center of Villnöss can be reached on foot in approximately 30 minutes via pleasant hiking trails, and convenient public transport options are also available in the immediate vicinity. Located at an idyllic 1038 meters above sea level, our farm provides a serene escape while remaining easily accessible. Allow yourself to be captivated by the pristine beauty of our unique natural surroundings.

Nestled at the foot of the majestic Geisler Group, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site, Planerhof invites you to embark on a holiday in a natural paradise.

Your Gateway to

Natural Paradise

Overview of all apartments

Planerhof’s apartments, renovated in 2021, offer a perfect blend of spaciousness, tranquility, and close proximity to nature. With names inspired by our magnificent mountain flowers, our four holiday flats provide a cozy and homely atmosphere, ensuring that you don’t have to compromise on comfort during your stay.


Each apartment is thoughtfully designed and fully equipped to meet your every needs. Enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views from your private balcony and revel in the beauty that surrounds you. Our apartments feature natural wood or tiled floors suitable for allergy sufferers, ensuring a pristine environment for your well-being. We kindly ask our guests to refrain from smoking inside the house and to leave their shoes in the lockers provided in the hallway to help us preserve the natural ambiance of our accommodations.

Experience the farm

On request, we offer you the unique opportunity to participate actively in farm life and to experience the feeding of our lovingly cared animals. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of agriculture and let our experienced farmer explain the daily farm routine.



Here you will not only have the opportunity to watch the processes, but also to ask a variety of questions to expand your knowledge of rural life.

Breakfast and Südtiroler Marende

on request

Bauernhof Frühstück in Südtirol

Breakfast is known to be the most important meal of the day, often overlooked in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, not at our place! We ensure that you start your day right with a delicious breakfast experience. We provide fresh bread rolls daily, and from Monday to Friday, we offer a complete breakfast basket for the whole family to enjoy together.

The Südtiroler Marende is a traditional South Tyrolean dish highly popular in the region. It is typically served as a hearty snack, light meal, or dinner. The Marende is known for its variety of regional specialties, beautifully arranged on a wooden platter or a plate.

Essen in Südtirol Apartment

Our farm & us

Bold, yet a little silly!
This is Us: Willi, Wally & Nicole

Willi, Wally, and Nicole are the heart and soul of Planerhof. As a family living in harmony with nature and our animals, we are dedicated to ensuring that our guests receive exceptional attention. We place our guests at the center of our daily activities, striving to leave them with a positive and memorable impression. Our philosophy revolves around the belief that true happiness is found when the mind dances, the heart breathes, and the eyes love.


Join us at Planerhof, where genuine hospitality, a love for nature and a commitment to excellence converge to create an unforgettable stay. Allow us to welcome you into our home and make your visit truly remarkable. Our farm has a young history, as it was acquired by the parents of the current farmer’s wife in 2010. Initially, it operated as a rearing farm for heifers. Since its handover in 2021, we have transformed it into a farmstay, featuring four additional holiday flats alongside our two private flats. At Planerhof, we understand that an unforgettable farm holiday is incomplete without the presence of our cherished animals. They are not only the heart of our farm but also the essence of our daily work. Immerse yourself in the farm life, interact with our friendly animals, and gain a deeper appreciation for the rhythm of nature.